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Navigation and Calibration Monitoring

Global Space-based Inter-calibration System (GSICS)

GSICS logo GSICS is one of the space components of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Its mission is to provide users with high-quality and inter-calibrated measurements from operational satellites. Please see the GSICS portal operated by WMO for more details. The MSC contributes to GSICS in its role as a GSICS Processing and Research Center (GPRC) for the MTSAT/GMS series.

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MTSAT Infrared Inter-calibration with High-spectral-resolution Sounders

Within the GSICS framework, MTSAT infrared data are routinely compared with those from high-spectral-resolution sounders, such as the AIRS equipment on the AQUA satellite and the IASI instrumentation on the Metop satellite. For details of inter-calibration methods and results, please see the GSICS MTSAT infrared inter-calibration guide links bellow. Regarding the maturity level of GSICS Products, please see GSICS Product Catalog.
MTSAT-2 infrared inter-calibration was started on 11 May, 2010. Its inter-calibration system was constructed based on the MTSAT-1R system, but was updated to follow the latest GSICS conventions.

MTSAT-1R Infrared Inter-calibration with AIRS/AQUA and IASI/METOP-A

MTSAT-2 Infrared Inter-calibration with AIRS/AQUA and IASI/METOP-A

MTSAT visible vicarious calibration

MTSAT visible data are routinely monitored based on comparison of observations with radiative transfer calculation. For details of vicarious calibration methods, please see the MTSAT Visible Vicarious Calibration Guide web page.