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Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV)


Atmospheric motion over a wide area can be derived by tracing the movement of individual cloud or water vapor patterns in successive MTSAT images. This product is called Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV), and also includes information on wind speed and direction.
At the MSC, AMVs are derived every hour over the Northern Hemisphere and four times a day over the Southern Hemisphere. Derived wind data are disseminated to National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs). AMVs are useful for numerical weather prediction, especially over ocean areas where other wind observations are very sparse.

00 UTC on November 16, 2005
AMV calusulated in Infrared imagery AMV calusulated visible imagery
Infrared imagery
(Red: Upper wind, Purple: lower wind)
(Click to enlarge)
Visible imagery
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AMV calusulated water vapor imagery
Water vapor imagery
(Yellow:clear region, Orange:cloud region)
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