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NOAA Ozone

The processing of this product was terminated on November 2013.

NOAA/TOVS OZONE 100E-180E 60N-10N (FEB 1-10, 2006)
NOAA/TOVS OZONE (100E-180E, 60N-10N)
(Februrary 1-10, 2006)
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The estimation of NOAA Total Ozone Amount (TOA) with High Resolution Infrared Sounder (HIRS) data is based on a regression method. The area of TOA is from 60° N to 10° N and from 100° E to 180° E with one-degree square resolution.

Data Processing Method

The technique for the estimating TOA is based on a regression method using HIRS channel 9 for the spectral band of ozone absorption with the radiance and brightness temperatures of four HIRS channels, i.e., channels 1, 2, 3 and 8. The regression coefficients are determined using the co-located data of satellite observations and Dobson measurements of the direct sun observation at four JMA surface observation stations in Sapporo, Tateno and Naha.
The co-located data have been accumulated on the basis of distance within 50 km and time lag within one hour since 1991. Regression coefficients are established for every month and are renewed once a year, taking into account the seasonal variations of TOA. Prior to TOA calculation, HIRS data with high-level clouds are excluded using AVHRR minimum brightness temperature in the HIRS Instantaneous Field of View (IFOV) and the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) data of JMA. The daily mean values in the area of every degree of latitude and longitude are sent to JMA Headquarters on a monthly basis.


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